Best Exercise Options for You

We are all individuals that love different things, eat different food, dress in our own styles, and have different views and opinions. Since we are all unique in our own ways, this means that the same exercise equipment, vitamins, or diet supplements will work the same on everyone. In order to lose weight, get fit, and achieve your desired results, you need to use the proper merchandise that will suit your need. Before you stock up on the products you need to figure out your likes, needs, and assess all the options. You need to decide:

-Do you want a machine or an exercise video?

-Do you want to work outside or inside your home?

-What exercise excites you and makes you want to workout?

-What do you think will be a good fit for your time schedule? (Do you have limited time or an open schedule?)

-Will someone else be using the program with you? Who? Will they like it and use it?

-Will you be using diet supplements or Protein shakes with the exercise?

The best exercise program that will work for you is the one you are willing to do and stick with. Some great options include:

Home Gyms-A home gyms is a great and affordable way to get into shape. If you want a machine that will target all of your major muscles, a home gym is for you. If you have the space for it consider purchasing the Bowflex machine which offers great resistance, plenty of workouts, and amazing results.

Cardio Training-Cardio is a great way to lose weight, burn calories, and have the energy you need to start and complete your day. There are plenty of fantastic cardio training machines including treadmills, rowers, and elliptical trainers just to name a few. If you have joint or knee problems consider purchasing an elliptical because they do not put strain on your joints. Most elliptical trainers have arms which provide an upper body workout and a lower body workout at the same time. Some elliptical trainers also have a seat so that you can use the machine as a bike and an elliptical.

Exercise Videos-These days a lot of people even celebrities are turning to exercise videos to help them get and stay in shape. There are so many different videos that everyone is able to find something that will work for their schedule and needs. If you want to dance your weight off you can try Zumba or Hip Hop Abs, if you want a cardio workout get Insanity or P90X, if you have ten minutes a day to exercise consider purchasing 10 Minute Trainer or Slim in 10. Whatever your needs, skill level, or preference, you will find a video that’s perfect for you. Just make sure to stick with the program and have a support team to get you through it.

Yoga or Pilates- Some people want to step out of their shell and try something completely different like Yoga or Pilates. Both of these programs will help improve your balance, harmony, strength, flexibility, and core muscles. Even Tony Horton the fitness expert and mastermind behind P90X and P90X2, encourages people to try Yoga.

Running-Some of us just want to be able to run our extra pounds off and our wish is to run in a marathon. If you want to start running make sure you have the appropriate clothing and footwear and that you start with walking, sprinting, jogging, and then running. Do not push your body too hard right away as this can lead to serious injuries and can discourage you to try running again.

These are just some of the best exercise program that might work for you. Before you choose something make sure that you make a list of your desires, your goals and evaluate each of the options carefully. If you want results make sure to stick with a program or try a new one that you can follow through. Remember, your goals are all achievable but make sure to stick with them, use diet supplements if you need to, and start slow so that you can gradually increase your resistance, weight, and program and see the results you crave!